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This week, Thunderbird is hosting two exceptional sales in distinctly different areas around Albuquerque. The first sale, known as the Beautiful Eclectic Boho Estate Sale in Rio Rancho, is set on a magnificent property featuring a collection of tasteful and colorful pieces that pay homage to its previous owner. The outdoor patio and gardens boast exquisite pottery and ornaments, while the interior offers an array of sublime clothing, accessories, shoes, and purses, with fully stocked closets.


The kitchen showcases a selection of high-quality cookware, stunning glassware, and ceramics. The grand furniture complements the remarkable architecture of the estate. In the garage, you will find a variety of tools, electrical supplies, fixtures, electrical boxes, gardening tools, scrap metal, as well as wrought iron gates and fence parts, along with outdoor furnishings.


Additionally, there is a pop-up trailer available for repair or customization as a functional trailer and a Greenhouse shed like building needing restoration. 

So much to see and worth the drive. We look forward to seeing you! 

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